Hello! My name is Ashley & I’m a 30 year old entrepreneur. I have worked in the construction business since I began working at age 16.  I’ve worked for small companies as well as corporate companies, and if there’s anything that I’ve learned… life is too short to spend 33 – 50% of your day with that kind of stress and without freedom to spend with my family.  The other 50 – 70% of my day when I am with my family I’m so mentally and emotionally drained that I don’t focus my attention on them like I want and need.  So…

I started seeking out work at home opportunities earlier in 2017 and in the beginning I found a couple of programs that were a complete waste of money and the lack of mentoring and just relationship in general was lacking tremendously.

And then in August I found an opportunity of a lifetime for me.  It was a complete digital marketing education resource that was also a commission-able product.  The community built around this business was amazing, and the mentoring that I received was out of this world.  I was able to completely step out of my comfort zone within the first month, and I’ve been slowly but surely growing my businesses, my teams, and knowledge base so that I can share with others.

My heart is in helping woman in direct sales.  So many companies out there don’t teach some of the marketing tips that WORK and I’ve found ways to use those marketing tips specifically with direct sales to help build a customer base, recruiting leads and sales.

Book a free 15 minute call with me today if you need some help with a specific idea or issue.  I’ll be happy to help!

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